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Sunday, April 17, 2011

That should stop the ram raiders: Farmer dyes his flock orange to deter sheep rustlers


I can see ewe! Farmer John Heard and his son James were forced to take desperate measures after their flock was decimated by rustlers and coated some 250 sheep with harmless orange dye

Farmer John Heard decided desperate measures were needed to stop the sheep rustling that was decimating his flocks.

And his solution to the problem has created an eye-catching sensation on his farm after he turned his sheep orange.

The 48-year-old has put his flock of 250 blackface ewes through a harmless dip of orange dye making them so highly visible wary thieves are giving them a wide berth.

Valuable commodity: The National Farmer's Union has warned that the financial hardship facing the country has led to a big increase in rural crimes like sheep rustling

Mr Heard, who runs his livestock farm near Okehampton, Devon had lost 200 sheep over the past few years but says the orange dye is working wonders.

He explained: 'Sheep rustling has become a big problem with ewes worth around £140 each. My flock roams Dartmoor and I was getting mighty fed up with losing so many.

'My son James suggested the orange dye and although it produces some strange-looking sheep it has done the trick and I haven’t lost one this year.

'It works because they are so easy to distinguish making it easier for me and my neighbours to keep a wary eye out for them. Plus the rustlers are obviously nervous about stealing such easily distinguished animals.'

source: dailymail


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