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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cat-lover's 1,600 mile trip to rescue a stray trapped on a roof in France


Rescue mission: Wendy Wilson travelled 1,600 miles to rescue her cat from a neighbour's rooftop in the south of France

A devoted animal lover told yesterday how she travelled 1,600 miles to rescue a stray cat in France - after it became trapped on a roof.

Wendy Wilson, 65, adopted tortoiseshell tabby cat Sandy while living for 16 weeks a year at her holiday home in Cruzy, Herault, in the South of France.

But the mischievous moggy sparked a cross-channel rescue after getting stuck on a neighbour's garage roof without food or water for three weeks.

Trapped: Sandy the cat was stuck on top of these roofs and unable to get down because of a 10 foot drop to the ground

Hours after learning of Sandy's plight Wendy took a £150 Ryanair flight from Stansted Airport to Carcassonne to rescue the stricken cat.

The retired mum-of-two found Sandy crying out for help and almost starving to death after climbing up inside a neighbour's garage and onto the roof.

After the rescue she booked Sandy onto a coach to drive her all the her back home to her home in Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Wendy has now donated the cat to her neighbour Peggy Ward, 83.

source: dailymail


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