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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Where's my snack gone? Enormous orangutan chews the fat as he takes it easy in his enclosure

-Udel is 3ft 11in tall and weighs an incredible 15st 10lbs
-The gigantic beast is supposed to follow a healthy diet of fruit and milk

By Emma Reynolds

Slumped on his back with a sweet wrapper stuck to his wide face, this enormous orangutan appears to have overdone the bananas - and every other foodstuff within reach.

The lethargic creature doesn't look capable of much monkey business, although keepers at his Indonesian zoo maintain he is a healthy weight.

Udel, who is also seen here clumsily hauling his gigantic body through a pool of water, is just 3ft 11in tall and tips the scales at a whopping 15st 10lbs.

Messy eater: Super-sized Udel furrows his brow in confusion as he searches for his sweet wrapper

The extra-large animal looks fascinatingly human as he scratches his head, seemingly pondering where his sweet has gone, while a telltale wrapper sticks to his chubby cheek.

But the bulky animal survives on a healthy diet of fresh fruit and milk, according to Ragunan Zoo in Jakarta.

Photographer Youhanes 'Hendy' Widianto, 36, said: 'When I saw him, I couldn't believe how big he was.

'Everyone there was amazed by his size.

'At first I thought he must be so big because visitors to the zoo throw food and snacks to him - he even had a wrapper stuck to the side of his face.

'But according to the zoo he's actually a normal weight for its age.'

Adult male orangutans can grow to 5ft 9in and a weight of about 19st.

Udel is apparently still active and able to climb and swing with the other primates - although he looks rather sedentary in these pictures.

Hendy said: 'He's definitely the biggest monkey I've ever seen.

'At 7am, the zoo feeds Udel with fruits. Then at 2pm they gave him fresh milk, and then at 4pm they gave him more fruits.

'As far as I know there are no plans to put it on any sort of diet. He had space of more than 100 square meters.

'Apparently he is still active and can move around, climb and hang on to a rope.'
Orangutans spend most of their time in trees and are the largest of all arboreal animals.

Fish out of water: The 3ft 11in, 15st 10lbs creature cools off with a quick dip - but he hardly looks streamlined

Fat face: The startlingly human Udel seems to yawn and then frown as wide crevices form in his puffy features

Grumpy: The hairy beast stares moodily around his grassy enclosure, surely contemplating where his next meal will come from



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