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Monday, April 18, 2011

Unlikely friends as real life Tom and Jerry play cat and mouse together


Eye to eye: This pair appeared to be toying with each other in the garden of amateur photographer Bill McIntosh

This real life Tom and Jerry were caught playing the ultimate game of cat and mouse with each other.

Just like the cartoon duo, each of them seems to be trying to outsmart the other one.
They were snapped by amateur photographer Bill McIntosh, who couldn't believe his eyes.

The 81-year-old said: 'When I first saw the cat I thought it had a bird in its mouth, but when I got closer to it, I could see it was a mouse.

Reaching out: The mouse remains perfectly still despite the cat eyeing him up

'The cat was playing with it running up and down trees, catching it in its claws and letting go.

'Eventually the mouse was exhausted - as you can see in the picture - and had a rest.'

The grey and white feline and the little wood mouse were captured close to Bill's house in Aberdeen.

The retired grandfather-of-five has been a budding photographer since he was 14.
But when he spotted the cat and mouse he was actually trying to take pictures of birds.

Bill added: 'The cat was occasionally looking at the mouse and then looking away as if to make the mouse think it had forgotten about it.

'Then the mouse would run away and the cat would catch it in its claws again.

'I left them playing together. I have no idea if the cat ate the mouse. I like to think it didn't.'

source: dailymail


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