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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Forget dogs learning new tricks! The cat who can play the shell game and guesses right EVERY TIME

By Daily Mail Reporter

A cat named Kido has a talent beyond just sleeping as his owners discovered that he is a whiz at the shell game.

The Brooklyn-based cat has a knack for keeping his eyes on the prize when it comes to following the path of a bell when it is placed under metal thimbles.

In a video posted to YouTube, the cat lazily watches as its owner moves three- and later, four- small metal caps around in quick succession to distract the cat and lose its focus from the one with a bell underneath.


Going for the win: Kido correctly guesses which metal cap contains the bell each time

In spite of the speed, Kido successfully picks the right cap each of the three times it is tested.

Though it appears to be living the life right now, Kido had a much rougher life early on.

According to the Facebook page that it's owners set up, Kido was abandoned twice 'by two different but equally awful families' in the cat's first six months.

'When I was about to be listed on a shelter's kill-list, my parents rescued me and now I live with them happily after,' the page reads.

Cat-like speed: The trick would be too tough for many humans, but not for this feline

Clear winner: Kido has gotten good at this game after being adopted by a loving family in Brooklyn

Now the cat leads a much happier life, reportedly spending about 18 hours a day sleeping and rotating between his favorite nap spots.

'I can be as good as a teddy bear, but can be as bad as a heartbreaker. I am an attention seeker. I am good at getting what I want as well as getting revenge, so I can often outsmart my parents,' the Facebook page alleges.

VIDEO Adorable! Three time re-homed Kido learns to play cups



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