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Monday, December 24, 2012

Playtime for panda! Giant cub loves nothing better than a swing in the snow

By Daily Mail Reporter

He may be playing in sub-zero temperatures but this adorable giant panda could still melt any heart.

The lovable bear clearly relished the snowfall at at Yantai Zoo in Shandong Province, China, yesterday as he rolls around in the white stuff.

First of all the brave panda shows off his skills on the climbing frame by crawling along upside down.

But it seems he only had eyes for the tyre swing.

Fearless: The giant panda shows off his skills as he crawls upside down on the snow-covered climbing frame

Not tyred out yet: The panda moves on to the tyre swing as he rolls around in the snow

Oops: The panda tips over in the thick snow

After tentatively making his way along the beam, he then grabs the tyre for a play fight in the fresh snow.

And even when he lost his balance, the panda refused to be beaten.

He immediately jumped up again for another wrestle and a swing before finally allowing himself a rest.

No time to paws: The panda does not lie in the snow long before jumping back on the tyre

Giant pandas are solitary bears when in the wild, usually preferring their own company when foraging in Chinese bamboo forests.

They are an endangered species, with less than 2,000 thought to be left roaming free in the cool forests that are their natural habitat.

They mostly eat bamboo, but in captivity are also enjoy being fed honey, eggs, fish, yams, leaves, oranges, bananas and other special treats.



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