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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saved by the bacon! Pig swims to the rescue of baby goat who got stuck in pond at petting zoo

By Daily Mail Reporter Charlotte the spider comes to the aid of her pig friend Wilbur in the children's classic, but now the roles have been reversed in a real life rescue. A video posted on YouTube shows a piglet paddling to the aid of a baby goat who was stuck in a pond at a petting zoo in the U.S. In the short clip, filmed by a visitor, a young goat squeals as it appears to have got its hoof stuck under a rock in the water. SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO

Frantic: The stranded goat bleats and bucks as it appears to be stuck in the pond
To the rescue: The little pig jumps in to save his friend Seconds later, a young pig jumps in the water on the other side of the pond, paddles over, and nudges his young friend. Apparently the force of the pig was enough to free the goat, as they both are able to swim out to safety shortly after.
Helpful nudge: The pig swims up to the goat and seems to simply push the goat till he is free
Victory lap: The two barnyard pals walk out safe and sound The pig returns back towards the gathered crowd as the man with the video camera chuckles: 'And there he is, the hero pig!' The video does not specify the name of the petting zoo where the rescue took place though the narrator's American indicates that it is somewhere in the U.S. VIDEO: Moment adorable hero pig saves baby goat from drowning! source:dailymail


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