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Monday, September 17, 2012

Planking, draped and folded in half: Adorable pictures of cats sleeping in awkward positions show they REALLY DO sleep anywhere

By Nina Golgowski

In need of something cute? Cue the kittens!

While cats are already known to sleep anywhere, with books and websites helping document it, one collection of pictures really raises the bar on awkward.

Seen draped over a laundry rack, spooning one another on a couch, and even in one cat's case planking in camouflaging white fur and bed sheets, the cats may also steer the envious idea that they get far more deeper and relaxing sleep than we do.

Of course, with one cat seen nearly passed out inside a dyer, and another across the a face of a dog, this may not always be such a good and safe thing, especially in the case of the cat passed out on a hot tin roof.

Hanging out: A cat idles across the bars on a laundry rack, in an at first perceived awkward position, until noticing its tranquil face and jello hind legs

Beside himself: Seen entirely tuckered out, an orange and white kitten slumbers while folded in half on the couch

Stretching out: A white cat hangs its head and tiny jaw down beneath its belly while taking in a snooze

The acrobat: While already a natural-born talent on the balance beam, a black and white cat shows off its flexibility while folding itself on a box

Cuddling up: A pair of cats are caught snuggling up together beneath an orange fleece blanket

Spooners: A gray cat is caught getting frisky with its friend, or sneaking up behind to snatch him by his throat

Planking: This white cat could be hardly noticed while sleeping stiff as a board across a camouflaging white sheet

Curve appeal: Perhaps heated up by the sun, a cat basks in a round dish left outside

Window watcher: After potentially playing look out for mice scurrying below, an orange and white cat is caught impressively draped across a window's bars

Hot tin roof: Perhaps taking a cue from Tennessee Williams' famous 1955 play, two cats are seen taking in some sunshine

Warmth: Another cat curls up in some warm laundry, a potentially dangerous move should the door close on him

Living it up: A gray cat hopes to blend in unnoticed while snoozing across a far larger black dog

The stretch: Held in place by two other cats serving like the ends on a book shelf, a middle cat slumbers with its arms stretched toward the sky

Tucked in: Seen with a wide smile and two closed eyes, a cat basks in its nicely made bed complete with a rolled up washcloth serving as a pillow

Claim: Demonstrating its obvious need for space, an orange cat claims its territory using all four paws



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