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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Foaling around: Pony gets a piggyback ride from its sibling as they play around on Dartmoor

By Emma Clark

With hundreds of miles of heath to roam, maybe this young wild pony became too tired to carry on and called on his sibling for a short rest.

The dappled brown and white foal, thought to be around 3 months old, kicked up its heels and threw them over his brother or sister, perhaps in the hope of a piggy-back.

The two were caught frolicking near Moretonhampsted in Darmoor National Park in the summer sunshine having have some innocent fun.

The two foals are playing about under the sun in the open hills of Dartmoor in Devon

Photographer Duncan George spotted the pair as he drove across Dartmoor early in the morning..

Mr George, 54, said: ‘I noticed the two foals playing at the side of the road.

‘The dappled foal was particularly playful and I pulled over.

‘They were playing very friskily for about 10 minutes.

‘When the dappled foal put its front legs on the other’s back it looked around, almost as if it was playing to the camera.’

The foals’ mother watched from nearby as the pair played about, occasionally trotting over to them to feed.

The dappled brown and white foal is clearly hoping for a piggy-back from his younger brother or sister

Mr George, from Putney, in London, added: ‘The mum was grazing and keeping an eye on her babies.They were very young.

‘I had been up since about 4am trying to photograph fog in some woods not far away.

‘The conditions weren’t right though so I headed home, but I couldn’t resist stopping to watch the foals.

‘Eventually the mum started to move away from the road, and the youngsters followed.’

The professional photographer captured the shots near Moretonhampsted.

‘This point is pretty high up,’ Mr George said.

‘It’s a very scenic part of Dartmoor.’



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