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Sunday, July 8, 2012

This cat's got nine lives! The moment a daring feline leaps to safety from blazing inferno started by fireworks

By Daily Mail Reporter

This daring cat was banking on its nine lives to survive.

The fearless feline jumped to safety from a Las Vegas apartment complex engulfed in flames.

Miraculously, no one was killed in the fire, and the cat walked away unharmed. In total, three adult residents and a fire battalion chief were injured; a dog was not so lucky and perished in the fire.

Inferno: This grey and white cat was trapped on a second-storey balcony at a Las Vegas apartment complex

Weighing my options: The fire blasts away both windows to the screen doors; the cat appears to think about jumping on the roof

Jumping to safety: The cat springboards off the balcony and lands safely two storeys below

The incredible video, captured by KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, shows the Sonoma Shadows Apartments consumed by flames.

A grey and white cat suddenly leaps up from the balcony. A raging fire has completely engulfed the apartment behind and breaks first the left, then the right windows of the sliding door.

The cat looks frantically around – to the side, to the roof, to the ground below – and is unsure where to go. The roof appears to high to scale, and would likely be too hot.

There was nowhere else for the panicked moggy to go.

After looking around for several moments to determine the best escape route, the cat places its front paws over the wooden railing to leap to the ground, two storeys below.

Fierce fire: Around 50 apartments were destroyed in the blaze; here, firefighters try and quench the flames

Not good clean fun: Authorities warn against using fireworks, as many people's worldly possessions were lost

Those recording the feat are yelling, encouraging the cat to jump to safety. ‘Jump, baby, jump!’ one man yells hoarsely.

With one powerful leap, the cat kicks out from the balcony and flails before falling to the ground below.

According to KLAS-TV, the cat was unhurt. Unfortunately, a dog in the apartment complex was not as lucky, and perished in the blaze.

The station notes that three people, including Gregory Sutton, who helped save his mother and pregnant girlfriend, who was due to give birth in about a week.

He suffered some third-degree burns on his shoulder, but brushed it off, saying: ‘My health was the last thing on my mind.’

Investigators believe that the fire was started by fireworks. In total, 50 residences were destroyed.

The Red Cross is assisting those who have lost their homes in the fire.



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