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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Say cheese! Mischievous monkey strikes a pose when he discovers a hidden camera


He may have been caught unawares when he found a hidden camera, but this inquisitive monkey still managed to regain his composure and strike a pose.

The cheeky image of him baring his teeth was captured on a camera in a game reserve in Borneo.

The cameras are concealed to monitor and capture the movement of the primates.

You looking at me: The cheeky monkey found the hidden camera at a game reserve in Borneo

Houston Zoo posted the photo on their Twitter page with the caption:
'Looks like someone knew about the "hidden" cameras.

'This picture taken on a game camera in Borneo by our partners.'

A monkey grinning, or pulling their lip up to show the teeth, may appear as a friendly smile to humans.

But for them it is not a welcoming social nicety and instead a sign of aggression or anger.

Biting is one way that monkeys fight and defend themselves.

Other signs of aggression include head bobbing, yawning- again, to show the teeth - and jerking the head and shoulders forward.



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