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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Paw-trait photographer fit for a King Charles Spaniel: The stunning (and strange) pictures of dogs by five-times champion pet snapper

By Helen Lawson

A British man's hilarious doggy snaps are so picture paw-fect they've scooped him a coveted pet photographer of the year prize for a record fifth year running.

Paul Walker, 40, captures even the naughtiest pooches on camera - spending days with his four-legged models to document their mischief in charming photos their owners are sure to treasure for life.

Mr Walker, who lives in Ayr, Scotland, said: 'It’s become my speciality to capture that one hundredth of a second and get that picture that many people find impossible.

Cheeky! Is this Diddy-er Dogba taking a chunk out of Johan Crufts to tackle the size difference in this not-so friendly football match?

This golden doodle can walk on water - or at least that's what this well-timed photo would suggest

'People always come to me and say my dog’s badly behaved or doesn’t like people - but I see it as a challenge to get the best images of these lively animals.'

Since taking up pet portraiture when he was just five years old, Mr Walker has made a name for himself as the top dog when it comes to tackling canine terrors.

These photos here show a cheeky chihuahua taking a bite of a much bigger chum during a not-so friendly football game, and patient boxer balancing a tennis ball on the tip of his snout.

Mr Walker even gets the badly-behaved pups to show off their talents by apparently walking on water and playing the piano.

The snapper's record-breaking winning streak began in 2008 when he claimed his first Scottish Master Pet Photographer title.

This gullible pup heard the rumour about the moon being made of cheese

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier doubles match got competitive

Thankfully this Lakeland terrier tinkled the ivories, not the upholstery

A dancing border collie reaches for the stars, left, while an innocent-looking whippet eyeballs the camera, right

He also added this year's first place in global photography magazine Range Finder's international animal humour competition to his pack of prizes - proving he really is best in show.

He said: 'I’m incredibly privileged to have won the titles I have done.

'I’ve turned what started as a hobby as a child into my job - I love doing what I do.'

Two adorable west Highland white terriers are dwarfed by silage bales

A border collie puts his best paws forward...

What a wag: This boxer takes a cheekier approach by sticking his tongue out

A chihuahua bounds through a bed of daffodils in the bright spring time shot

A Staffordshire bull terrier takes a flying leap

The eyes have it: This boxer dog looks like it's begging for a treat



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