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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bird's flying high, you know how I feel: Cat's cunning plan to ambush feathered foe end in tears

By Simon Tomlinson

With the bird cornered, it seemed like guaranteed lunch.

But this patient puss was ultimately left disappointed after trying to catch his feathered foe as it flew out of a nesting box.

The pet cat was spotted sitting next to the box, which was attached to a fence at a farm in Roseburg, Oregon, U.S.

Wait for it, wait for it, d'oh! The cat lurks ready for the bird to poke its head out of the nesting box before taking a swipe, but it escapes with just a few feathers ruffled

The minute the little bird poked its head out, the cat pounced - reaching up a paw in an attempt to swat it.

But the feline's aim was just slightly off and the small bird managed to fly to safety with its feathers ruffled, but otherwise unharmed.

Maybe next time.



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