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Thursday, April 19, 2012

When the hunters become the hunted: The amazing moment a herd of buffalo turn the tables on a pursuing pride of lions

By Tom Gardner In the hunt: The pride of lions closes in for the kill, stalking its prey, waiting to spot a weak buffalo A pride of lions closes in for the kill after stalking its prey for hours. But the hunted herd of buffalo were not ready to give in without a fight. The lions, which hadn't bargained on dinner striking back, were soon outnumbered as their prey turned the table and began to give chase. Turn tail: The lions go from hunter to hunted as the buffalo quickly swivel round to charge the big cats Wildlife photographer Brendon Cremer was stunned to capture the incredible escape on camera while shooting pictures on Duba island, Botswana. Brendon, who has been photographing African wildlife for 13 years, said: ‘I had been following the pride for several hours, trying to take some shots of them hunting. ‘I was able to follow them in my car and was only about 15 metres away from them when they tracked the buffalo herd down. ‘Some of the lions looked quite young and I think they were pretty inexperienced hunters, but they stalked their prey for a good while before going in for the attack. Fleeing: The hungry lions had to turn on their tails and flee without dinner ‘There were only a handful of lions though, and lots of buffalo - and I think the lions were looking forward to a feast. ‘But when the first lion went in for the kill, the buffalo weren't frightened - I think they realised it was only a young lion, and they weren't scared at all. ‘The next thing I knew, the whole herd turned round and started charging towards the lions. ‘They had no choice but to turn round and run away - I think the young lions must have gone hungry that night. ‘I'm always amazed by nature and I love photographing the lions - they're truly amazing.’ Quick getaway: The lion pride had to flee on an empty stomach after seeing what they hoped would be dinner turn the tables on them on Duba island, Botswana source:dailymail


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