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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Teddies at the ready! Adorable bear cubs venture out for first time with proud mum

By Simon Tomlinson Taking their first tentative steps in public, these adorable bear cubs look more like teddies as they venture out with mum. The three brown bear babies were born four months ago, but have been kept out of view until now. Proud mum Orsa kept a watchful eye on them as they went for a walk and clambered on rocks in their zoo enclosure yesterday. Dad Baloo wasn't anywhere to be seen. Ready, teddy, go: The cuddly cubs head out for their first public appearance with mum Orsa at Tripsdrill wildlife park in Germany after their birth in December Playtime: Two of the three babies get a feel for their surroundings as they clambers over rocks in their pen The cubs have not yet been named, but they will no doubt be a real hit with visitors to Tripsdrill wildlife park near Cleebronn, Germany. Park boss Dieter Fischer told the Daily Mirror: 'We expect the young bears to be a new highlight.' The park, Germany's oldest, opened in 1929 and is still run by the same family. On the path to stardom: The cubs, who have not yet been named, are expected to be a new highlight at the zoo Back inside: The cubs were kept out of view for their first few months, but now should be a regular attraction source:dailymail


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