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Monday, April 23, 2012

Pup becomes an internet sensation as he plays piano and sings - and this one can hold a tune

By Daily Mail Reporter

A piano-playing pup is charming dog-lovers the world over.

Fido has earned over 30,000 YouTube views in just a few days thanks to his unusual musical talents.

A 30-second clip, 'Harmonic puppy plays a masterpiece', features the pet pawing at a toy piano and howling with the tune.

Scroll down for video

Internet hit: A spotted dog is seen playing a miniature piano and howling along in a new YouTube clip

With his left paw banging at the tiny ivories, the adorable dog tinkers at the miniature instrument, pausing in between with attempts to harmonize.

The video was uploaded to the video-sharing website on Friday by animal entertainment network Petsami.

Camera hound: The dog waits for the red light before reaching his left paw toward the tiny ivories

And pages of comments have offered nothing but praise, and some lighthearted snark.

'The sad part is that dog plays the piano better than me,' wrote user singlestarsky.

Another, unintelligibl3, offered: 'Chris Martin's back in the studio I see.'

Jokes aside, this musical mutt is not the only one of his kind barking toward stardom.

Last month, piano-playing Petu from Scandinavia charmed thousands of YouTube users after her Finnish owner uploaded a video of her standing on her hind legs to play a piano with both paws.

Watch video here



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