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Monday, April 2, 2012

Precious pictures of newborn aardvark that became the latest addition of a family of the animals rarely seen in North America

By Christine Show A family of aardvarks welcomed a new member of their family this week with 4.8-pound baby. Izzy and Friz are the proud parents of the adorable aardvark born at the Busch Gardens theme park in Tampa Bay, Florida. The baby joins only 40 aardvarks to live in zoos across North America. Adorable: A pair of aardvarks welcomed their second baby this week at Busch Gardens in Florida The animal's arrival means there will be company for the parents' first child, Zawadi. He will celebrate his first birthday on April 10. For the newborn, the aardvark will start its life hairless. During it first year of life, it will likely grow fuzzy brown fur. It could also weigh 120 pounds as a one year old. Special treatment: The newborn aardvark will receive some extra care at the Tampa Bay theme park It's a rarity for aardvarks to be born on the North American continent as the nocturnal mammals are heavily populated in Africa. The animals have long snouts, a long tail and rabbitlike ears. They have a diet that mostly consists of their favorite foods - ants and termites. They find those tasty treats by using their long claws and their feet to dig up the insects. Family affair: The newborn aardvark joins his parents, Izzy and Friz, and his brother, Zawadi, who turns one April 10, at the Busch Gardens theme park In the wild, aardvarks usually remain with their mother for six months. After that time, they move about and create their own dwellings. That's because the animals enjoy living a life, in which they mostly keep to themselves. As for the recently-born aardvark, it will receive care at an area of the theme park called Jambo Janction. It will hold off on its public debut for some time while it gets special newborn treatment. Grown up: An adult aardvark emerges from a burrow. In the wild, aardvarks usually remain with their mother for six months source:dailymail


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