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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Moment foolish prankster leaps onto rhino and rides it at the zoo

By Laura Cox This is the moment a foolish prankster mounts a rhino at a zoo and rides it. The footage, shot by Ohio pro-skater Rob Dyrdek late last year, shows the moment his cousin Scott Pfaff decides to mount the large beast. Pfaff, identified by YouTube fans as ‘Big Cat’ can be seen tentatively opening a metal door into an enclosure, glancing round nervously at the camera. Scroll down for video Caution: Scott Pfaff eyes up his target, egged-on by cameraman Rob Dyrdek He is egged-on by Dyrdek stage-whispering ‘go for it… do it dude, do it.’ The pair creep toward the low fence bordering the unsuspecting rhino’s pen. Dyrdek urges Pfaff: ‘Hey dude, if you wanna do it dude you gotta do it.’ Which he does. As Pfaff approaches the rhino the suspense becomes almost too much for Dyrdek. He repeatedly cries out: ‘Oh my gosh, oh my gosh,’ turning the camera on himself to capture an expression of pure glee. Meanwhile Pfaff skirts around the rhino, waiting for the right moment. Sensing his presence the rhino turns around, checking out the imposter. ‘Careful dude, careful,’ Dyrdek calls out. Then: ‘Yeah dude do it, do it dude. Yeah man it’s a rhino stand-off.’ Pounce: Sensing his opportunity, Pfaff, also known as 'Big Cat' leaps onto the rhino Rodeo: Pfaff sits astride the rhino, turning round to gleefully grin at the camera With one leap Pfaff launches himself onto the rhino’s back where he crouches on all fours, to the intense delight of Dyrdek. The cameraman excitedly cries: ‘yeah dude, yeah… you’re riding on a rhino man, you’re riding on a rhino… oh my god this is amazing.’ Clearly irritated by the intrusion, the rhino gets fed up with its new passenger and starts ferociously bucking. Imposter: The rhino becomes aware of Pfaff's presence and moves away Pfaff tries desperately to cling on but he is no match for the animal, which eventually shakes him off. Luckily for the stuntman he falls next to the fence and is able to quickly shoot underneath, taking himself out of harm’s way. Dyrdek manages to control his excitement long enough to say ‘let’s get out of here, let’s go’, punctuated with more cries of ‘yeah, yeah!’ and the pair run off. The pair previously appeared together on two of Dyrdek's reality shows which appeared on MTV, Rob and Big and Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. While they are known for their zany antics, it is unclear what they were doing in the rhino enclosure or why they were filming on this occasion. The video has had 214,873 hits on YouTube since being posted on February 4. Watch the video source:dailymail


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