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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The moggy paddle: The incredible sight of a hungry rare jaguar as he dives to the bottom of a pool of water to feed himself

By Richard Hartley-parkinson The fierce looking jaguar was spotted swimming for meat at Taman Safari, a centre for endangered animals in Indonesia Most cats run away at the first sign of water but this jaguar shows that some just love to make a splash. The fierce-looking feline was spotted doing an impressive moggy paddle as it swam for meat at Taman Safari in Indonesia. The spectacular shots were captured by professional photographer, Erfin Nugroho, who was visiting the centre for endangered animals with his family. The bigcat was diving down into the water to retrieve meat when he was caught on camera by photographer Erfin Nugroho who was hoping to teach his daughter more about nature The 37-year-old, from Jakarta, said he wanted to introduce his daughter to the wildlife but never expected to get such a unique set of pictures. He said: 'This was a really rare moment so I knew I had to get something but it wasn't easy. 'The jaguar was chasing chunks of meat and would swim right to the bottom of the pool which was a great opportunity for me. 'I was just 30cm away but we were separated by glass so I wasn't scared. It was still quite nerve-wracking though.' The jaguar at Taman Safari is part of a conservation project at the centre which is helping animals from all over the world. Native to South and Central America - and in the past some parts of the USA - the jaguar is the third largest feline after the tiger and the lion and can weigh up to around 200lbs. Despite being smaller than its larger cousins the jaguar is a compact powerhouse with a bite twice as strong as a lion and second only in all mammals to the spotted hyena. Erfin was able to get the incredible pictures because the jaguar was behind glass. It is part of a conservation project at the centre which is helping animals from all over the world source:dailymail


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