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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Meet Marshmallow, the sweet month-old kitten who now weighs more than her fluffy namesake (at only ONE pound)

By Daily Mail Reporter Fluffy and white: Marshmallow the kitten is a month old and weighs only one pound When she was born, Marshmallow weighed more than 60 per cent less than the normal expected weight of new-born kittens - around 2.3 ounces. But a month later, the fluffy white kitten is making strides, and now weighs in at a full pound. Now, the feline is bumbling around, exploring the world around her –though she also loves lounging in her oversized Croc shoe bed. Scroll down for videos There was a young kitten: Marshy lives in a giant Croc clog Petparazzi: Marshmallow likes to bask in front of the camera Her owners were worried about her making it through the first month, but are now just deeply relieved she is doing so well. YouTube user sweetfurx4 has posted a series of painfully cute videos about the moggy, who curiously wanders through her play area. The first few document the kitten’s first few days in the world the safe nest with her mother. But as the videos go on, it’s apparent that this kitten is becoming stronger and healthier every day. Arm candy: The kitten quite enjoys snuggling and the company of its masters Paws and relax: Marshy has grown considerably in the month she's been alive Cat nap: Marshmallow steals 40 winks with her mother Mochi According to the YouTube user, Marshy (as they affectionately call her) can now keep warm by herself. She used to require heating pads or her mother Mochi tokeep her cosy and warm. Marshy’s owner also writes that she ‘refuses to stay in her nest box, rebelliously clawing and crying murder when she is placed there.’ She’s also a bit of a ham for the camera – and noticeably looks into the lens whenever it’s around. The moggy also loves to groom herself so as to keep her pristine coat fluffy and white. source:dailymail


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