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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Adorable video: Baby giraffe frolics round a field after befriending a butterfly

By Laura Cox A baby giraffe showed off her dancing skills as she enjoyed the sunshine gracefully frolicking around with a butterfly at the Bronx Zoo. The month-old calf caught a glimpse of the butterfly as it flew into her enclosure, where she was nuzzling her mom and enjoying a tasty snack of grass. At first she stays close to her mom, not sure what to make of the fluttering insect, but she doesn’t stay coy for long. Dinner time: At first the baby giraffe is quite happy to hang out with her mom and nibble on some fresh grass She shakes off a grooming attempt from her mom, like any youngster eager to go out and explore. Clearly intrigued by the unexpected visitor the Baringo giraffe bounds playfully after it galloping round in a huge circle as she plays hide-and-seek with her new friend. But what's that?! Something far more exciting catches her eye and she abandons the snack Unsure: The giraffe seems a little tentative at first, unsure what to make of the new visitor But the butterfly doesn’t hang about within reach of the 9-foot tall giraffe. It scarpers faster than the giraffe can make chase, still wobbly on its newborn legs. Realising she is back where she started from the giraffe looks up at her mom, looking puzzled by the whole experience. ‘It’s a learning curve, dear’ her mom seems to say as she cranes her neck south to give her daughter a sloppy kiss. And she's off! Gleefully the young calf bounds off after her new friend, in typically graceful fashion Gerroff, mom! Before she knows it the baby giraffe is back with her mom, puzzled at how quickly her game ended video platform video management video solutions video player source:dailymail


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