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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The zookeepers who really did p-p-p-pick up a penguin: Colony is moved to new home while work is carried out on their enclosure

By Phil Vinter

Waddle ya want?: Two penguins exchange glances as they are carried away by zookeepers

They are known for completing long marches across the icy Antarctic but these gorgeous Gentoo penguins took it easy for once by hitching free rides with a zookeeper.

The animal is one of 100 penguins at Edinburgh Zoo being moved to a temporary new homes at zoos in Belfast, Gloucestershire and Odense in Denmark while a leak in their current home is fixed.

A total of 50 Genkoo penguins are being rehoused with a further 50 leaving the zoo as part of the natural breeding cycle.

Visitors took the opportunity to photograph the departing birds which also include six King Penguins and comprise a third of the zoo's total colony.

Essential maintenance work needs to be carried out on the penguin enclosure pool, which is more than 20 years old.

It is hoped that the penguins don't get in too much of a flap over their new temporary surroundings before they make a welcome return to the zoo in the summer.

Gotcha: An Edinburgh zoo keeper moves one of the Gentoo penguins from its enclosure to a temporary new home

Beautiful: The beautiful white-crowned penguin takes a last look around his surroundings

On the move: More than 100 penguins are 'off on their hols' but they are due to make a welcome return for the summer

Pocket penguin: Under the wing of a zookeeper this little penguin looks to be enjoying the trip



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