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Friday, March 30, 2012

Welcome, home soldier! Chuck the boxer dog goes crazy when he sees his master return after eight months away at war… AGAIN

By Hannah Rand Chuck the boxer is fast becoming an internet star after the second video of him ecstatically greeting his soldier owner becomes a YouTube hit. With nearly 1,600,000 views since it was posted on March 22, the big brown and white hound seems to sum up how we'd all like to receive a loved one. The video begins with the loveable pup in the trunk of a SUV. Scroll down to watch the videos Doggone devoted: Lovable Chuck waits to see his master, Nick, after a long, eight month absence The vehicle's license plate begins with BB, indicating that the location is near Böblingen - a German town near the European headquarters for the Marine Corps. With the words, 'Daddy's home!', from the returning soldier's wife, Katie, Chuck suddenly realises what's happening and with lightning speed jumps out the trunk and runs over to his master, Nick. After that we get an eye-misting 59 seconds of the dog's uninhibited joy at seeing his pack leader home again after a military deployment. 'It's been a long eight months,' says Katie. At one point the boxer lives up to his name and gets so excited he knocks off Nick's sunglasses. Jump for joy: Chuck leaps out of the car trunk and makes a dash towards the sound of the soldier's voice Happy hound: Chuck bounds into the arms of his master, licking and barking, unable to contain his joy Pooch smooch: The soldier's wife, Katie, exclaims 'He's getting a longer welcome than I did!' Nick has to constantly fix his cap too, least it is lost amidst the canine excitement. Jealous of the attention the dog is getting, the soldier's wife jokingly exclaims, 'He's getting a longer welcome than I did.' But who could blame Nick for spending some quality time playing when his devoted dog is just so happy to see him? And this is not the first time Chuck has become a viral video hit. Boxer by nature: At one point the dog gets so worked up he knocks off the soldier's sunglasses Hat's off: And the soldier has to constantly readjust his cap too, least he loses it in the excitement Last year, he became famous for Nick's first welcome home in February 2011. In that YouTube video, we see a younger, slimmer Chuck skidding all over a wooden floor and greeting his master at the couple's home. And just when you thought that your heart's strings couldn't be stretched any further, there's a video of the adorable pooch playing with the couple's daughter, Sydney, in January 2011, when the little girl was just five months old. Watch Chuck greet his master for the second time: source:dailymail


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