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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Roll over Beethoven… virtuoso dog plays the piano AND sings along

By Rebecca Seales

Pup singer: Petu tickles the ivories with her paws and nose while 'singing' along

Roll over Beethoven, there's a new pup superstar in town.

While some have suggested she sounds a bit ruff, the Scandinavian sensation has already attracted over 300,000 hits on YouTube.

Piano-playing Petu, whose name translates roughly as 'Runty', charmed thousands of YouTube users after her Finnish owner uploaded a video of the musical mutt.

Scroll down for video

Virtuoso: The canine maestro ignores the television to concentrate on her recital

Petu, who stands on her hind legs to reach the piano, can be seen 'playing' the instrument with both paws and - to add some variety - her nose.

With her muzzle held high, the dog howls out a tune while wagging her tail enthusiastically.

Rather mournful in tone, the ballad concentrates on the piano's upper register.

Paying no attention to the television playing away in the background, Petu calmly finishes her recital before hopping back onto four legs and trotting away.

Identified only as 'lonnie9991', the owner of this precocious pup clearly has a star on her hands.

Is it too late for this year's Eurovision...?



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