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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Come out, come out, wherever you are! Cute and cuddly cubs play hide and seek

By Daily Mail Reporter

Following your lead: The mother is trailed by her two six-month-old baby cubs

Under the watchful eye of their mother, two adorable cubs have found a bear necessity for life.

The adorable siblings were caught amusing themselves, first through peekaboo, before playing a full-on game of hide and seek.

British biologist Brett Lewis travelled to Finland to take these heart-warming but informative shots in Taiga Forest, Finland.

Standing tall: The cub leans against one tree, left, before, right, reaching for dangling twig

Brett explained: 'The two cubs had become affectionately known as the ʻAsbo Twinsʼ among visitors to the area.

'On this occasion this young bear rose up on his hind legs and through my lens it looked as if he was playing ʻhide-and-seekʼ with his sibling.

'They will often stand on their hind legs to get a better view of what is going on in the distance, especially when there is an unfamiliar bear in the territory.

'This bear also spent time just scratching his back on the same tree.'

I can't see you: One cub covers his eyes, while the other climbs a tree in an attempt to hide

When fully grown brown bears can reach eight-foot in height and weigh up to 800 pounds.

European brown bear are found in parts of Scandinavia, Russia and central Asia.

Despite their alert nature this Finish bear family was not worried about Brett’s presence.

'The bears were totally relaxed since we were in small hides within the wilderness areas.

'When we did come across bears en route to the hides they would just slowly move away without any threat at all.

'We always offered them the distance and respect they deserved, and conducted ourselves in the best way possible when in their environment,' added Brett.

Despite the seemingly light-hearted nature of their stroll, the three-feet tall brown bear cubs will soon be forced to hone their survival skills ahead of their release out in to the wild.

For now tough, they will remain with their 500 pound mother, and as these photos show, they're putting their time to good use.



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