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Monday, November 21, 2011

One snappy dresser: Crocodile given 'bikini wax' and pedicure ahead of annual mating season

By Leon Watson

This looks like a job you could really get your teeth into.

Staff at a salon Down Under have given a particularly scaly customer a 'bikini wax' and full body exfoliation.

In a bizarre bid to show off their skills to potential new customers, they plucked and pedicured a crocodile.

Now this might sting: Louanne Grasmeder gives the croc a waxing at the Parap Day Spa in Darwin

And just in case you're wondering whether reptiles have hair, there's some on the waxing strip to 'prove' it.

The saltwater beast was borrowed from a crocodile research centre in Darwin, in Australia's Northern Territory, especially for the stunt.

And when it left, it was like a new lady - ready for the rough and tumble of a crocodile mating season.

Louanne Grasmeder, business manager for the Parap Day Spa in Darwin, said: 'Breeding season is just around the corner - and we want her to look her best.

'In the wet season, the male crocodiles are fighting it out over breeding sites and female crocodiles will be extremely territorial.'

Spa staff member Jamillah Allen added: 'The lengths we go for great training.'

Lots of dry skin: The saltwater crocodile has her skin exfoliated by Tianee Collins

Swamped: Staff work on a much-needed pedicure and massage



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