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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shiver me tim-purrs! These pirate cats won't stop at the cream, they want your gold and treasure too


Ahoy me hearties! This silver kitty showed off his Jolly Roger pirate hat while taking command of the sofa and the look in his eye shows he's the captain of this couch

It was International Talk Like A Pirate day on Monday and these cats clearly didn't want to be left out out.

The dressed up felines looked as if they were auditioning for another instalment of the Pirates of the Caribbean, but we’re not sure how much the moggies would enjoy sailing the high seas.

Aarrrgghhh! These kittens have managed to change their meows to 'aarrggghhs' in their attempt to become pirates

Despite being afraid of water, these brave buccaneers posed for the camera while doing their best Captain Jack Sparrow impersonation.

Luckily for these pussy cats they donned their Jolly Roger pirate hats in the comfort of their homes, rather than braving the open waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Three legged puss: This pirate cat was left with a wooden leg after fighting enemies at sea... well, perhaps more of a loo roll leg than a wooden one

Who are you looking at? This kitty seems unsure of his costume, despite his impressive costume and well grown pirate's beard

Shiver me timbers! These arrogant cats look surprised at how good they look in their new costumes

That's one big claw! This kitten was snapped sporting a hook for a paw, which is sure to cause a lot more damage that his usual claw

Angry pirates: Don't mess with these fierce buccaneers, they'll make you walk the plank straight away

Is this an audition for Kittens of the Caribbean? This moggy is hoping for a role in a new instalment of the Disney pirates franchise

Do you like my hat? These sly cats show off their pirate accessories as they pose for the camera

Careful, you might end up being lunch! A parrot sits on this pirates tail, but could soon become a meal for the kitty

source: dailymail


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