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Monday, September 19, 2011

A new leash of life! Woman and pet spaniel shed half their body weight in under a year

By Sadie Whitelocks

Picture of health: Amy Curtis and her spaniel Molly have found a new lease of life after shrinking to almost half their previous sizes in less than a year after sticking to a strict diet plan

A woman and her pet spaniel have found a new lease of life after shedding half their body weight in under a year.

Amy Curtis, 26 - who was 21 stone at her biggest - decided to make drastic changes when vets said that her dog Molly was twice the size she should be.

In a desperate attempt to get herself and her pet pooch into shape Amy put the pair of them onto a strict diet plan, cutting out unhealthy takeaways and excessive snacking.

Amy, a Poole borough council worker, admitted that she used to be an avid fan of Chinese buffets and would indulge on takeaways at least three times a week, sharing over-sized portions with her pet spaniel.

Instead of eating Pedigree Chum, like most other dogs, Molly soon developed an appetite for prawn crackers.

Amy, who found that her weight spiraled out of control in her 20s, said: 'I was eating them up to three times a week and going to buffets once a month or more. I just loved them, it was my idea of heaven.

Transformation: At her largest Amy Curtis was 21 stone (left) but now weighs 11 stone (right)

'Molly got fat because I would feed her odd table scraps here and there. If I ate a biscuit then she would have a bit too.

'She's got these lovely big brown eyes and it's so difficult to say no to her.'

It was when Amy realised that her lifestyle could have fatal health implications that she decided to make changes.

In less than a year she has lost 10 stone, sticking to an entirely liquid diet while Molly has lost 6lb by cutting back on fast-food titbits.

Amy added: 'Since there hasn't been any food in the house the weight has just fallen off her and she's got loads more energy.

Unleashed: Vets said that Molly the spaniel was the size of two dogs but in less than a year she has lost 6lb after owner Amy stopped handing out unhealthy titbits

'We love going out for walks together and playing games. She still makes her eyes at people if they eat food in the house, but I make sure she sticks to her two bowls of dried dog food a day.'

Amy - who is now 11 stone - says her life has been transformed and she no longer fears getting stuck in chairs, a phobia that used to prevent her from visiting theme parks.

'Since I lost the weight I feel like me only better. People say that I must feel like a 'new person' but I feel like the old me just much happier.'

She is now a consultant for the Cambridge Diet Plan, the programme that worked for her.

Her first clients were her parents, Stephen and Lesley Curtis, who have both lost 10 stone between them.



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