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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mother almost gets a frog in her throat... after finding creature in a bag of Tesco SALAD


Croaky! Sara Eason holds the bag of Tesco salad which contained the live frog

Sara Eason was looking forward to a healthy lunch – until it croaked.

The TV worker was surprised to find a live frog in her bag of Tesco Mixed Seasonal Baby Leaf Salad.

Mrs Eason, 37, said she had been putting the contents of the bag on to her plate when her fingers touched something slippery.

New home: Mrs Eason only discovered the frog, which can be seen through the plastic bag, when she reached in to pull out some leaves

‘I thought some of the leaves had gone slimy, so I had a look inside,’ she said. ‘I saw a little frog looking out at me, which then croaked. I jumped about a foot in the air.’

Her husband Francis, 36, had bought the salad from a Tesco Metro petrol station in Wimbledon, South-West London, four days before and the bag had remained unopened in their fridge since then.

Slimy: The frog had been in the fridge for four days before being discovered

Mrs Eason was about to eat lunch at home in Morden, Surrey, on Thursday before heading to work as a script supervisor on Channel Five’s Big Brother show.

‘I didn’t want the frog jumping around the house when I was out so I put it in a bag and took it to work,’ she said. ‘My production manager gave it some water and it now seems to be the office pet.’

A Tesco spokesman said: ‘We can only apologise. We take the quality of our produce very seriously, and we will investigate this with our supplier.’

source: dailymail


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