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Friday, September 23, 2011

Maybe I should have brought some bait? Hungry polar bear can't catch any supper through a hole in Russian ice

By Jessica Satherley

Fishing for supper: This polar bear was snapped looking for fish through a hole in the ice in Franz Josef Land Archipelago, northern Russia

Ice fishing can take years to master and even the most experienced of anglers can come away empty handed on occasion.

Things were no different for this young polar bear who was out of luck as he scrounged around for signs of life under the ice in northern Russia.

After spending hours waiting patiently for his supper over a hole in the ice, he decided to cut his losses and walked away hungry.

Any luck? The bear peers patiently down through the ice hole in the hope of spotting some fish

Fed up, the bear instead slumped down for a snooze, unaware he was being watched by a boat full of tourists.

Wildlife photographer Vadim Balakin was thrilled when he spotted the bear while on an expedition to Franz Josef Land Archipelago, northern Russia.

The group of tourists, on board the icebreaker Kapitan Dranitsyn, were also delighted to catch a glimpse of the bear's fishing trip.

But they were stunned when he suddenly woke up from his nap and started growling.

Given up: After realising that fish supplies seem to be non-existent in the area, the bear decided he might as well take a snooze

Disgruntled: The hungry bear was snapped by Wildlife photographer Vladamir Balakin while on an expedition to Franz Josef Land, northern Russia

Rare sighting: A group of tourists on board the icebreaker Kapitan Dranitsyn were stunned when the bear suddenly woke up as their boat passed by



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