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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Like a puppy in a sling! The latest accessory for pampered pets that allows you to carry them like a baby

By Len Read

Hands free: The Puppoose is the first accessory which allows you to carry your pet with no hands

It's often said that people have pets instead of a baby – and now dog owners can carry them like one, too, with the latest must-have pet accessory.

Previously, pampered pets such as Paris Hilton’s diamante-wearing chihuahua Tinkerbell have been carted about in designer handbags – but now there’s a new carrier designed especially for our four-legged friends.

Similar to the way slings are used by parents to hold their babies, the Puppoose enables owners to transport their pets in fashionable comfort – and is said to be the first hands-free way of carrying your dog.

It was designed by dancer and dog lover Shannon Beach, who owns a shih tzu, Ted D. Shannon said: ‘It was created out of necessity. I couldn’t find a carrier that suited my active lifestyle and was fashionably appealing.

‘My vet told me the best way to carry a small dog is on your forearm with legs hanging on either side. I used this concept for the base of the product, which distributes their weight evenly. Then I added straps so I could free my arm, making it hands-free.

‘When I saw it made people laugh, it was obvious I had created a unique business opportunity.

‘It’s great for people who enjoy biking, hiking or rollerblading and want their little dogs with them, and for handicapped or older dogs that can’t walk long distances. And in extreme weather conditions, it keeps your pet off hot asphalt or out of the snow and rain.’

Shannon crocheted about 50 slings to experiment with different materials before finding a company in Hong Kong to manufacture the Puppoose. It costs £37 and comes in four sizes and a choice of colours. It can carry dogs weighing up to 22lb.

Canine carrier: The Puppoose costs £37 and comes in various colours



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