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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Let miaow-t of here! The hilarious moment a bullying cat trapped its feline foe in a box


Calculating: The white cat finds the purrfect place to relax in... while its fluffy foe enviously looks on

One puss' venture into a box ended in a cat-astrophe after its calculating companion cruelly trapped them in there.

The contented white puss initially looks like the cat that got the cream as it contentedly sits in his large box and stretches while exploring its new play-thing.

But little did it know that it was being coolly appraised by it's feline foe.

The grey moggie causally wanders behind the box while the new white cat is in wonder at its new plaything

The grey puss watches its companion before casually sauntering over and slipping behind the back.

Perhaps consumed with envy at the white cat's cardboard home, or maybe it just has a catty side, the grey cat leans up, peers over to give its victim one last look and triumphantly pushes the lid down, trapping the startled puss.

'If I can't have it, no one can': The grey cat reaches up and, taking one last glance of its bewildered companion leans down...

But the nightmare for the bewildered prisoner was only just beginning.

The grey moggie then sits on top of the lid, ensuring his enemy cannot escape.

While the white cat grows increasingly panicky, pushing against the box to try and free himself from his cardboard cage, the grey jailer doggedly clings on, refusing to move.

...And the mean fur ball traps his foe: The grey cat takes on the role of jailer

The mean moggie sits on top of the box while the confused kitty desperately tries to escape

source: dailymail


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