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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kangaroo leaves owner, 80, in hospital after knocking him to the ground and brutally assaulting him for 15 minutes

By Lee Moran

The 80-year-old owner of an exotic animal farm was hospitalised after he was subjected to a brutal 15 minute assault - by a kangaroo.

John Kokas was repeatedly punched in the face and upper body by the aggressive 6ft, 200lb three-year-old red male.

He had reared the animal, which had never attacked before, since it was six months old - but now faces having to put it down.

A woman called 911 at 10.50am saying her father-in-law had been attacked.

Breathlessly, she told the dispatcher who had asked what was going on: 'My father-in-law got hurt by an animal, bad.'

When asked what his injuries were, she replied: 'All over. I don't know how to explain it, but it's bad.'

The surprised dispatcher was then told it was a kangaroo that had caused the incident.

Experts believe Tuesday's attack, at the Kokas Exotics Animals Farm outside Green Camp, Marion County, Ohio, occurred because the beast was protecting a female on heat.

Mr Kokas, who set up the business in 1978 and also breeds a host of other animals for San Diego Zoo, was taken to Grant Medical Center, Columbus, for treatment. He is now said to be in a 'stable' condition.

Columbus Zoo Head Keeper Adele Dodge said that, irrespective of the animal's weight, any kangaroo had the potential to cause serious harm.

Supplier: Kokas Exotics Animals Farm was set up in 1978 and breeds a host of animals for San Diego Zoo

Pictured: It is not known whether the kangaroo in these photos, taken from the farm's Facebook page, is the one that assaulted John Kokas

She said: 'If they feel threatened, they want to move away, if they don't have that option then something else is going to come into play.'

Marion County Sheriff's Office said no criminal investigation was taking place and called the incident an 'unfortunate accident'.

According to the Kokas Exotics Facebook page, the company sells baby skunks, groundhogs and foxes, along with other animals. They also have a kangaroo.



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