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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'll regret this in the morning: Boozing moose is rescued after becoming drunkenly stranded up apple tree


How did I get up here? Emergency services workers in Sweden look on as the stranded moose finds itself drunkenly stranded up a tree

It's a situation many can sympathise with - having one too many and attempting physical feats you'd never consider while sober.

But in this case the shamed boozy culprit was not human, but a moose who had become stuck several feet off the ground in an apple tree.

The inebriated creature managed to trap itself amongst the branches of the tree in Gothenburg after apparently becoming drunk while eating fermented apples.

What was I thinking? The moose was eventually freed from the tree and allowed to wander back to its native woods to sober up

Police believe it had reached for apples higher up the tree before finding itself wedged in the branches and unable to escape.

Officers eventually managed to free the sozzled animal and release him onto the lawn.

He then returned to nearby woods to sober up, and no doubt nurse a substantial cider hangover.

Boozing mooses are not uncommon in Scandinavia, where the creatures are occasionally spotted eating rotting fruit which drops to the group and ferments.

In 2007, a Swedish moose drowned in Stockholm after getting drunk on apples and falling through the ice of a frozen inlet.



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