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Friday, September 9, 2011

Hide and sleek: The moment a red deer decided to go undercover at Bushy Park


Now you see me... The young red deer stands proud in its playground at Bushy Park, South West London

When it comes to hiding it appears this clever young red deer has found the perfect way to blend into the background.

It decided that camouflage was the best way to go unnoticed as it bounded through the ferns of leafy Bushy Park in South West London.

As the young male took to the foliage for some cover the shrubbery became wrapped around its antlers, helping him hide among the greenery.

...now you don't: The deer all but disappears amid the undergrowth as delves into the ferns

At one point its clever disguise meant it almost appeared to merge with the undergrowth - with just its fern adorned head peeking into view.

Unfortunately, the young deer failed to factor in just what it would look like after it emerged from the shrubbery.

While its decorated antlers proved an adequate disguise under cover, once in the open they ensured it was the focus of attention.

Clearly realising its mistake, the young deer swiftly galloped across the open ground - even charging through a stream - before safely losing itself amongst the ferns once again.

And it wasn't the only deer in Bushy Park to be enjoying a game of hide and seek.

Now we're playing catch: The deer realises his camouflage isn't enough so runs away, foliage still attached



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