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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The car wash for pooches: Labrador trials first dog wash station in Germany by getting shampooed and blow-dried

By Jessica Satherley

Going through the dog wash: Ulrike Schubert soaps up Mara the Labrador in Germany's first dog wash station in Leipzig

You’d take your vehicle through a car wash, so why not clean your pooch in a dog wash?

That’s exactly how German dog owners are opting to keep their pets clean in Leipzig and this two-year-old Labrador was snapped having his hair washed at the boutique.

Mara the Labrador is pictured taking a shower in Germany’s first dog wash station, named ‘Dog an der Koe’.

Dog owners can use the self-service machine, which uses warm water, shampoo and a hair dryer, without having to make a mess in their own bathrooms.

The costs range from 4 Euro for a five minute wash to 8 Euro for a 15 minute pamper session.

And like any luxury spa, the pampered pooches can keep cosy in a bathrobe after their treatment.

Ulrike Schubert appeared to be enjoying the service as she gave Mara a good shampooing in Leipzig.

After his bath, Mara looked the picture of pooch perfection in his royal blue robe that boasted a red trim.

Lathered Labrador: Mara appeared to be enjoying his bath and even tried to eat his shampoo

Rinse time: Mara made a splash by shaking around when it was time to wash out his shampoo in the boutique named 'Dog an der Koe'

Although this is the first dog wash station in Germany, the business idea has been taking off around the world.

Four Paws Pet Spa opened in Sydney, Australia last month, which adopts the same idea.

The Australian pet spa owner, Dolly Sparkes, said she got the idea from a drive-through station she saw in Quebec, Canada, two years ago.

She told The Cape Breton Post: ‘We were driving around and I saw one in Quebec and I thought… ‘I’m doing it’.’

Pampered pooch: After Mara was blow-dried he chilled out in a royal blue bath robe



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