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Monday, August 29, 2011

Taking a stand: Britain's meanest moggy is in no mood for pussyfooting around in catfight

By Daily Mail Reporter

I¿m no scaredy-cat: The fluffy white Persian stands tall to survey its territory

They say that dogs have masters, while cats have servants.

And with a piercing stare and imposing stance, this moggy is certainly capable of showing exactly who is the boss.

The white Persian may be fluffy, but it showed it was in no mood for pussyfooting around as it stood on two legs to see off another cat.

Photographer David McNie, 58, noticed the animal, reminiscent of the feline owned by James Bond villain Blofeld, staring at its rival.

He said the pet – two feet tall when standing like a human – looked as if it was going to walk across the street on two legs as it stood up with one paw held menacingly against a fence.

Its brown eyes never once broke their gaze from its opponent as the shocked snapper focused his lens.

The cat managed to hold its pose for several seconds, using the extra height to stare down its kitty competition, while Mr McNie captured the amusing image.

The professional photographer said the cat then jumped down and used all-fours to chase its rival across the street in Reddingmuirhead, Falkirk.

Mr McNie, from nearby Brightons, said: ‘I have had cats before and I have never seen anything like this.

‘I had popped over to my granddaughter’s house to take a photo of her on her first day at school.

'I had just finished when I saw this cat stood up straight like a person. It was surprisingly tall.

‘It looked like it could have let go of the fence and walked around like a person.

‘It looked very strange and I thought it was a funny sight so I took a picture. It’s not something you see every-day.’



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