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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reunited! Puppy stolen by thieves on a motorbike is handed back to his happy owners


Reunited: Alfie the Charles spaniel is now back home with 16-year-old Ashleigh Parsons and her parents Pauline and Ian

After Alfie the puppy was snatched by two thieves on a motorbike, his devastated owners feared they would never see him again.

But the 16-week-old Cavalier King Charles spaniel is safely back in his own basket thanks to a kindly couple who saw Ian and Pauline Parsons’ appeal in the media.

The £450 pedigree puppy was seized from his playpen outside his owners’ family business in West Bromwich last Thursday.

Happy to be home: Alfie bounds around the garden with his family after opportunist thieves stole him

Hours later, a man sold the pet to a couple in Coseley, ten miles away, for £150.

But when the couple, who wish to remain anonymous, saw press coverage of the theft, they realised the dog they had bought was stolen and contacted the Parsons family.
Mrs Parsons, 45, said: ‘He was a bit timid at first, but he’s settling back in now. It must have been a bit of a shock for him. He isn’t going to be allowed out of sight now.'

She added: 'I've got to be honest, I didn't think we'd see him again. He's so little, and it would be so easy to shift him on to someone else.'

Adorable: Alfie was bought by a couple who contacted the Parsons after seeing press coverage of the puppy's disappearance

The Parsons, along with their 16-year-old daughter Ashleigh, had been tirelessly canvassing their area in an attempt to find Alfie, as well as posting messages on Facebook and on missing pets websites.

Mrs Parsons said: 'If it wasn't for the press coverage I doubt we would've seen him again.'

Though the family are 'thrilled' to have their dog back, they hope that their ordeal will act as a warning to others to be vigilant when letting their own pets out.

Puppy thieves: The dognappers are caught on CCTV with Alfie sandwiched between them

The incident last Thursday afternoon was captured on CCTV and the couple are appealing for help in finding the two thieves.

Mrs Parsons said one was wearing a helmet with a black star and silver lining. They were riding a scrambler-type machine with yellow wheels.

Mrs Parsons added: 'The main thing to remember is that these people are still out there.

Distressed: Ashleigh Parsons pleads for help after Alfie was stolen

'I can't believe the nerve of them, they came right up to the door and took him. We are still looking out for them.'

But the family are finding lots of time to spoil Alfie.

Mrs Parsons said: 'He isn't going to be allowed out of our sight now.

'He's just gorgeous and a brilliant dog – really clever.

'The customers really took to him as he's a real character. Everybody turned soft when they saw him – even the biggest blokes were reduced to mush.'

Tiny: Alfie when he was really small. The Parsons say he melts the hearts of all their customers

She added: 'We have never had a puppy before. We decided to get one because we could take him to work with us.'

Jayne Hayes, founder of the charity Dog Lost, said the number of pedigree dogs being stolen had soared since the recession began.

She sadi: 'We see 150 to 200 cases a week. People just grab the dogs and sell them on and they get away with it because the police don't do much.

'I've never seen a theft like this before, though. This a worrying development, but there is definitely a market out there for expensive pedigree dogs like Alfie.'

source: dailymail


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