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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pictured: The pet dog in a pickle stuck between railings, the cat jammed in a window and the horse with its head rammed in a TREE

By Daily Mail Reporter

They say that people do the craziest things, but as these pictures demonstrate, our beloved pets are also capable of getting themselves into sticky situations.

Whether it's an inquisitive kitten squeezing itself into a very narrow bottle, or a horse trapped between the forks of a tree, it seems animals have a nose for trouble - but are pretty clueless about how to get out of it.

Tight fit: This inquisitive dog showed it had some neck after poking its head through a hole in a fence

Pane-ful: This cat got more than it bargained for when it tried to sneak through an open window

But while the images might provide a chuckle, the sight of a poor pooch trapped up a ladder is no laughing matter. The Royal Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals rescued more than 135,000 trapped animals in 2009 alone - with litter such as discarded bottles being responsible for many of these incidents.

Watchdog: This dog clearly has a head for heights after climbing some metal scaffolding to get a better view

Mane attraction: This horse is barking up the wrong tree

Good to the last drop: A kitten is determined to squeeze into a pint glass

Just grate: This poor moggy found there was no way out after attempting to crawl through a roadside grate

Where's the horn? A cow with some unusual headgear gets a bemused look from a companion



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