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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mugly the ugliest dog gets dressed up... to protect his hairless skin from the elements


Stylish: Mugly steps out in one of newly-acquired all-in-one Spiderman suits

After becoming famous for seemingly having a face only a mother could love, a dip in self-esteem would hardly be surprising.

But thankfully for Mugly, the dog described as the 'ugliest in Britain', his owner is helping boost his confidence by giving the hideous pooch a variety of special outfits.

Originally designed to protect the mutt's hairless skin from the elements, the series of outfits bought by his owner have also succeeded in boosting Mugly's confidence.

Fashion parade: Mugly sports his new hot dog and red looks in the outfits bought by his owner to boost his confidence

The eight-year-old Chinese Crested dog, has bounced back from a couple of personal setbacks to sport wacky outfits including a Spiderman costume and a hot dog.

The unique-looking dog has not seen his 'wife', Yorkshire Terrier Lola, since their wedding day after the breakdown of their long-distance relationship.

Mugly also has to wear clothes bought for him by owner Bev Nicholson, because he has no hair or fur.

Dapper: Mugly has his own wardrobe and wears clothes every day to keep him warm as he has no fur

Mrs Nicholson, 48, from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, has kitted out the small cat-sized animal in a set of special outfits.

She said: 'Mugly has his own wardrobe. He wears clothes every day to keep him warm as he has no fur. He gets cold even just going outside for a minute.

'I give Mugly a special massage every day as he has to wear factor 50 sunscreen to protect his coat and a massage is the only way to make putting it on nice for him.'

Inseparable: Mugly has cheered up since being kept company by new female friend Millie the Yorkshire Terrier

One of his 'coats' is a hot dog style ensemble, while his other outfits include an all-in-one Spiderman effort and a red jacket with matching studded collar.

Mrs Nicholson has also adopted a Yorkshire Terrier called Millie to be Mugly's companion, and says the two dogs are the best of friends.

He was crowned Britain's ugliest dog in 2005 and in August 2009 he lost a tuft of hair after a gang of five youths attacked him in a local park.

Things started to look up for Mugly when he married Yorkshire Terrier Lola in September 2010 in a £20,000 wedding filmed by Sky TV.

Lonely: Mugly's owner, Bev Nicholson, said the pooch has been a lot happier since the arrival of his new playmate, Millie

'Millie is still a bit jumpy and nervous around humans, but with Mugly she is completely relaxed. She has had a hard life so this is her retirement.

'Bigger dogs often look at Mugly funny but I don't think Millie sees Mugly as any different to any other dogs.

'She just loves him for what he is and he loves her.

'The vets were not sure how long Mugly would live as he has been so over bred but I take good care of him and so far he has been healthy.'

Mugly pictured with owner Bev Nicholson in 2009, shortly after he was attacked by a gang of teenagers

source :dailymail


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