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Monday, August 29, 2011

Little and large: The colour co-ordinated kitten and Great Dane who are the best of friends


Me and my Shadow: George the kitten is followed everywhere by his 7ft friend

An abandoned kitten who was rescued when he was just days old has found a safe haven after striking up an unlikely friendship with a Great Dane.

Bemused owner, Eve Hughes, 39, from Felixstowe, Suffolk, said the pair are 'inseparable' and love to curl up together for a snooze.

George, who is 13 weeks old was adopted in June after he was rescued by the RSPCA.and soon won the affection of his owner's three-year-old Great Dane, Shadow.

Dinner's up! The cat and dog also love to curl up for a snooze

Weighing over 10 stone and measuring 32in high to the shoulder and 7ft long, Shadow towers over the 2lb kitten.

But despite being 65 times heavier and eight times taller, doting Shadow follows his companion around the house and even stands guard while he eats.

Ms Hughes, a manager of an RSPCA shop said: 'I was unsure at first because if Shadow sees a cat on the street he does like to chase them.

Safe at last: Abandoned kitten George now has a new home and best friend

'But they just sniffed each others noses and have been inseparable ever since.
'They have an amazing bond, it really is very sweet because Shadow is so protective of George.

'George sits between Shadow's feet to eat his food and they always go out into the garden together in the morning.

'He didn't eat or play, he just buried his head under the cushions on the settee.

'I was worried and thought a new playmate would cheer him up but I would never have guessed he would befriend a kitten.

'The RSPCA said they had a kitten who needed a temporary foster home but when they got on so well I was more than happy to keep him.'

source: dailymail


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