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Thursday, August 11, 2011

It must be a seahorse: Spooked animal throws off rider and swims half a mile out into the Channel

By Daily Mail Reporter

A horse had to be rescued by lifeboat crews after swimming more than half-a-mile out at sea.

The spooked animal threw off his female rider while going for a walk along the beach at Sandwich, in Kent.

It then ran into the sea and was chased by his owner who eventually had to give up because he kept swimming further out into the English Channel.

Out at sea: The horse, named Shallimah, swam half a mile out to see in the English Channel from Sandwich, Kent

But after going for its almighty swim, the horse named Shallimah was rescued by Walmer Inshore Lifeboat volunteers.

Walmer lifeboat helmsman Andrew Howland said: ‘This was one of the most unusual and most satisfying rescues I've carried out whilst a lifeboat crew member.

‘Leading a horse to water is one thing but persuading it to come out again is a completely different issue.’

Rescued: Shallimah was taken back to shore by lifeboat crews after he got spooked and started swimming away

Shallimah's owner had called 999 and reported she and her horse had got into trouble and needed help from the RLNI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution)

When the lifeboat reached distressed Shallimah, he was starting to tire so the crew attached a line to his bridle and coaxed it back to shore and was reunited with his owner.

Robert Smith, 23, of Canterbury, who witnessed the drama, said: ‘It was very dramatic but thankfully everyone is fine now.

‘It could have been so much worse. The horse was obviously a bit scared but he looked a lot better when he got out of the water.

‘The owner looked a bit cold after chasing him out to sea. The horse did have a bit of a long face after it all.’



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