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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm oven-ready already! The chick who still has no feathers

By Leon Watson

It was one of 2,000 chicks born on a remote farm... but this is the bird that caused a real flap.

Mr Feather, as he's been cruelly dubbed, won't feel cock-a-hoop though.

That's because the poor chicken was born completely bald - and has remained so ever since.

Freak with a beak: Mr Feather has become a local celebrity in China

Not only does Mr Feather look fowl, he must be a temptation to hungry humans - being oven-ready after all - and he's even had cats chasing him round.

But, so far, he's survived.

The bird of no feathers hatched in China's Shandong Province five months ago and since then he has become a local celebrity.

Tempting: Mr Feather, the five-month-old featherless chicken, being chased by a cat

Looks fowl: Mr Feather makes this cock and the farm's hens look hirsute

According to owner Lao Yin, people have been flocking to his farm restaurant in Laoshan to get a bird's eye view of him.

"Some customers are dedicated to coming to visit him,' Lao said.

Mr Feather, or Ha Mao in Chinese, has put on weight very slowly, weighing less than half a kilogram while its feathery friends weigh two to three kilograms.

Lao added: 'I started to notice it was different 10 days after its birth, as others were fluffy, while he is almost naked.'



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