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Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm man's - not MANTIS'S - best friend': The praying bug and a very unimpressed labrador


Are you looking at me? The mantis does her best to show the labrador what she's made of

They are one of the most predatory insects, famed for feasting on each other and wrapping their spiked legs around their prey.

But when this praying mantis tried to catch this labrador's attention, it failed dramatically.

This labrador remained thoroughly unimpressed as the insect performed a dramatic dance right under its nose.

Come on then, if you think you're hard enough! The mantis boldly creeps up to her distracted audience

The female budwing mantis sidled up to the bored-looking mutt and gave it her best shot.

She flapped her arms and performed a jig but yellow labrador retriever Winston refused to even stir.

Photographer Scott Cromwell grabbed his camera to capture the moment his pets had a not-so-tense stand-off on the carpet of his front room.

Putting on a show: While the mantis's movements are mightily impressive, they failed to arouse the interest of the pooch

source: dailymail


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