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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hiker survives mauling by grizzly bear in Montana national park

By Daily Mail Reporter

Unpredictable: A female grizzly roams the wilds of Glacier National Park in Montana

Officials at Glacier National Park say a grizzly bear mauled a 50-year-old hiker who was able to walk for help.

Denise Germann, spokesman of the park in West Glacier, Montana, said the St. Paul, Minnesota, man was hiking alone from Many Glacier to Piegan Pass around noon Friday when he encountered a mother grizzly with an older cub.

She said the animal attacked and bit the hiker on an arm, leg and foot.

The bear then shook the man before walking off.

The man had bear spray but couldn't use it in time.

Despite the wounds, the man walked until he met up with a ranger who called for help.

The hiker was hospitalized in Browning, but his condition was not immediately available.

He name was not released.

Germann says the trail from Piegan Pass to Feather Plum Falls has been closed as rangers investigate.

Park officials say cases of grizzly or black bears injuring people at Glacier occur less than once a year.

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