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Friday, August 19, 2011

Cat survives being cooked in microwave by thug... and was still hot seven hours after the attack


Drenched: Vets were forced to douse the poor cat in water to stop her from overheating and dying

A cruel father-to-be has been banned from keeping pets for life after trying to kill his cat in a microwave because she had scratched his hand.

Stephen Stacey, 20, of Portsmouth, placed 'Come on then' inside the 850-watt kitchen appliance for five seconds - causing the feline to cook from the inside.

She was still emitting heat seven hours after the incident, and vets doused the cat in water and packed her in ice to save her life.

Injuries: 'Come on then' had injured her eyes, brain tissue, tongue and other organs

The remarkably resilient animal survived but suffered injuries to her eyes, brain tissue, other internal organs and her tongue.

Neighbour Simon Allen was woken at 2.30am on February 25 this year when Stacey's girlfriend Jade, 17, knocked on his door in tears.

Ashamed: Stephen Stacey (pictured in hood) tries to avoid photographers as he leaves court

'Stacey told him he had intended to kill the cat by throwing it out of the window or putting it in the microwave.

'He said he had been in the microwave for about five seconds.'

Mr Allen took the cat away from Stacey, who had been drinking all day, and back to his flat where he called the RSPCA.

Happy and healthy: The cat, now called Nancy, has fully recovered thanks to the RSPCA

He will also be subject to an 18-month supervision requirement and will be forced to observe a 7pm to 7am curfew for six weeks.

Magistrate Richard Buckland said: 'This was a deliberate act to seriously injure an animal causing high levels of stress and unnecessary suffering against a defenceless animal.'

source: dailymail


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