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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cat-a-cake: Two pets unable to resist taking part in childhood game as owner videos them


Ok, let's try it again, pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake... these two moggies have become an internet sensation for their nursery rhyme play

Being a house cat sometimes there is just not a lot to do and quite a lot of down time.

But not for these two moggies who decided they would have a game of pat-a-cake to amuse themselves.

However, they failed to notice their antics were being filmed - and now more than 11.5million people have watched their attempts at the playground game online.

The pat-a-cake cats end up having a row with one cat hitting the other on the head with his paw

Unfortunately the cats have not quite grasped the hand clapping movements which accompany the rhyme which soon turns into a fiasco - with one cat hitting the other on the nose.

Despite their repeated attempts to get it right - they fail dismally before giving up.

The You Tube hit first made waves in 2008, but has popped back up on the radar now someone called Justin C. Elliott posted his interpretation of what the cats are saying.

Almost a third of the way through the clip the furry pair turn to the camera and realise they are being filmed - but then just carry on playing their game which they just can't get right.

Pat-a-cake is one of the oldest and widely known English nursery rhymes.

The earliest recorded version appears in Thomas D'Urfey's play 'The Campaigners' from 1698. It also appears in 'Mother Goose's Melody' from the 1760s.

The video clip of the moggies playing has had more than 11,500,000 views on You Tube after the voice interpretation of what they are saying was added

source: dailymail


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