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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Billy goat brush: The petting zoo resident who entertains children with his PAINTING


Vincent van Goat: Trent shows off his skills at the zoo in Houston, wowing onlookers with his talent

Forget Vincent van Gogh - because here is Vincent van goat!

Meet Trent, who loves nothing more than picking up a paintbrush and creating incredible abstract art at McGovern Children's Zoo, part of Houston Zoo.

The arty animal picks up the brush in his mouth before creating a g-ruff draft and then tidies up the painting leaving onlookers stunned.

G-ruff talent: The goat uses his teeth to steady the brush and produces his abstract art with an audience watching

Staff at the zoo are hoping his extraordinary talent proves more than just a brush with success and the paintings make Trent famous.

Keeper Amber Zelmer said: 'He caught onto the idea really quickly, so helping him make the paintings a bit better wasn't hard at all - it took less than a month.'

Bizarrely, Trent is not the only goat who has picked up the amazing talent - zoo visitors can also catch his friends exhibiting their own work too.

No kidding: Another goat has a go at creating a masterpiece

The first goat who learned to paint was two-year-old Domino, closely followed Peep who also wanted to express her skills.

Miss Zelmer added: 'The first task was teaching them to touch the canvas with the paint brush once they had it held in their mouth.

'Then we just added paint - and then we had goat art.'

So far the finished canvases have been popular at Houston Zoo fund-raising events and are set to feature at further events raising money for the zoo.

The instance recalls the famous painting elephants, who caused a flutter of excitement when their brilliant portraits were shown three years ago.

source: dailymail


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