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Sunday, July 24, 2011

What a porker! Cesira weighs 14 stone and loves pigging out on biscuits and ice cream...but is the perfect pet

By Daily Mail Reporter

Home is where the hog is: Family pet Cesira loves ice cream, pictured here with owners Marina Squicciarini, husband Ali and son Joel

When it came to choosing a pet, one family went the whole hog.

The Squicciarini family from Lecco, Italy adopted piglet Cesira she was just two months old and the smallest piglet of the litter.

But after a diet of pigging out on biscuits, ice cream and sweets Cesira has ballooned to just over 14 stone.

Father Ali, wife Marina and their children, Joel, 13 and Rebecca, 17, saved Cesira from the chop.

She was one of 20 pigs bred for meat, but the family fell in love with the little piglet and bought her home.

But the pet porker has now grown into a 14-stone hog, she sleeps in her own kennel of the balcony of the family's flat.

Piglet: Cesira was the smallest of the litter when she was born

She enjoys daily walks, pigs out on around 3kg of fruit and vegetables a day and enjoys treats of biscuits, sweets and ice-cream.

Cesira is even house trained, uses a litter tray, has learnt to wake Marina and Ali each morning by pulling at their duvet and enjoys watching TV with the family in the evening.

The Squicciarini family even take Cesira on holiday with them and said she enjoys nothing more than to roll around in the sand, while the family relax on the beach

One of the family: Cesira is house trained and sleeps in her own kennel

Piggy in the middle: Cesira even gets on with the family's rabbit



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