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Friday, July 29, 2011

Neigh-bears from hell: Family helicoptered to 'polar bear jail' after straying too close to town hunting for food


Rescue: Polar bears being carried off by helicopter after entering a prohibited zone

This is the moment a family of polar bears were airlifted to a new home after stealing food from bins in a nearby town.

The bears usually reside on Hudson Bay, in Manitoba, Canada for seven months of the year and come inland when the ice melts between July and November.

But wildlife officials decided to take drastic action when this particular family entered the prohibited 'control zone' in the nearby town of Churchill.

The polar bear 'jail' where the family were taken until the ice returns

The group were tranquillised and transported by helicopter to Eskimo Point - known locally as Polar Bear Jail - where they will now live until they can be taken back home when the ice returns.

Californian wildlife photographer, Suzi Eszterhas, captured the entire mission on camera.

The 35-year-old said: 'They had become problem bears so they had to be moved.

'This type of relocation doesn't happen very often but it's absolutely necessary when they start getting too close to people.

'Actually watching them be transported by helicopter is certainly not something you see everyday.'

Caught out: The bears are tranquillised before being removed after stealing food from bins

Too close for comfort: Churchill, Manitoba, where the polar bears had been caught stealing food

source :dailymail


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